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How is Kaleido different to other pumps?

Kaleido is a seamless blend of conventional tube insulin pump and patch pump. You can wear Kaleido safely and securely on your body using our hook and loop body patches, but with a choice of infusion sets and tubing lengths, it’s just as easy to slip your Kaleido into a pocket or clip it to clothing – whatever suits you! Kaleido has plenty of options to work with your lifestyle – whether that means a 6mm/9mm cannula or a coordinating pump colour to match your new trainers! We’ve never understood why medical devices have to look so medical. Kaleido is an insulin pump you can be proud of.

How long does the Kaleido handset and pump’s battery last?

Your handset battery will last 1 day at typical usage. We recommend to charge your handset battery every day. You can extend the battery life by adjusting your screen brightness. As for your pump, it will last at least the three days use cycle or the full use of an insulin cartridge.

What kind of insulin cartridges do you have?

Kaleido insulin cartridges hold 200 units of insulin and we offer 5 cm or 30 cm tubing length. Are 200 units not enough for three days? No worries! With Kaleido, it’s just a matter of filling a new insulin cartridge and clicking it into place.

What types of insulin can I use with Kaleido?

Kaleido is currently approved for use with U100 Rapid-acting insulin – NovoRapid® and Humalog®. We’re looking into adding more insulin types in the future.

What about water? Can I dive/swim/bath/shower with Kaleido?

Swimming: A little dip? No sweat! But your Kaleido pump can function in water up to 1.5 metres deep for up to one hour. If you’re planning on swimming longer or diving deeper than that, you’ll need to pause and remove your pump first. If you pause your pump, your handset will keep track of how much insulin you’ve missed. Every day: If you’re about to jump into a bath or shower, the water depth shouldn’t be a problem, but it’s important to consider your water temperature. We advise that you pause and remove your pump first, rather than expose it (and your insulin!) to high temperatures. Keep in mind that you need to keep your handset dry at all times. More information on how to use Kaleido in these situations you can find in our User Manual.

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