We understand that diabetes is inconsistent, inexact and – most importantly – it’s individual. It’s not a one-size-fits-all condition, so we don’t think your insulin pump should be either.

What our Kaleidoers say

“Even changing clothes or taking a shower, I don’t have to take my insulin pump into account. There are fewer daily irritations and the colourful Kaleido gives me energy!” – Ferry

Orange KaleidoRed KaleidoPink KaleidoPurple KaleidoBlue KaleidoTurquoise KaleidoGreen KaleidoGold KaleidoSilver KaleidoBlack Kaleido

Let’s make it personal

Pick the colour combination you want for your pumps and handset - we’ve got 10 colour combinations, so you can choose a perfect matching colour combination!


Candy Cane

Fancy Flamingo

Lavender Grove



Pumpkin Spice



Black Magic

  • 1x Orange handset
  • 1x Red pump
  • 1x Purple pump
  • 1x Red handset
  • 1x Silver pump
  • 1x Red pump
  • 1x Pink handset
  • 1x Green pump
  • 1x Pink pump
  • 1x Purple handset
  • 1x Purple pump
  • 1x Silver pump
  • 1x Blue handset
  • 1x Blue pump
  • 1x Gold pump
  • 1x Turquoise handset
  • 1x Blue pump
  • 1x Turquoise pump
  • 1x Green handset
  • 1x Orange pump
  • 1x Red pump
  • 1x Gold handset
  • 1x Gold pump
  • 1x Black pump
  • 1x Silver handset
  • 1x Green pump
  • 1x Turquoise pump
  • 1x Black handset
  • 1x Black pump
  • 1x Silver pump


Revolutionairy Pulse Technology

Kaleido uses one-of-a-kind micro pulse delivery which guarantees insulin delivery that is consistent and reliable every time.


You decide where and how you want to wear Kaleido

Two tubing length option of 5cm and 30cm let you decide: wear it on your body, or in the pocket of your pants.


Make it simple

Easy to apply infusion sets. Easily manage up to 7 basal profiles from your Kaleido handset. Easily extract your data via Glooko+diasend®.

What’s in the box?

  • Pumps (2x)
  • Kaleido handset
  • Inserter
  • Charging dock
  • Charging cable
  • Power adapter
  • User manual


Get to know Kaleido

200 Units

Fill your Kaleido insulin cartridge with 200 units of rapid acting U-100 insulin – NovoRapid® or Humalog. Not enough for the full 3-day cycle? No worries – just replace your cartridge earlier.


Waterproof for up to 1.5 meter for 1 hour


With Kaleido, you’ll receive 2 pumps, so you can use one and charge one. With average use, your pump battery will last for more than 3 days.

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