8 March 2020

Our worst nightmare… that field safety warning

As a company that makes medical devices, you know the products and services you provide are able to improve lives. As the company that makes Kaleido, we don’t just make any old medical device, we make a lifesaving, life changing device: an amazing insulin pump system that has a huge impact on the daily life of people with diabetes. Our philosophy is to put our customers, our Kaleidoers, first in everything we do and make sure that they can live their life on their own terms. A pump that fits their life, instead of them having to fit their life around a pump.

The Field Safety Notice

That dreaded moment on the 4thof March, where we needed to inform our Kaleido family of our Field Safety Notice, was a nightmare. For us… and also for our Kaleidoers. We know how important it is that you have a therapy that fits you. You chose it because it’s simple, or because it’s available in ten colours, or because it has a short tube, or because you can use more than 200 units of insulin in three days OR most of all: because it didn’t make you feel like you were wearing a medical device. We know that choosing an insulin pump takes time, and should not be taken lightly. And we know that we’ve put our Kaleidoers in a rough spot by asking them to change to a different form of therapy, which also in itself has a huge impact on their daily life.

But we deemed the risk too high. This meant, firstly, that we needed to ask all our Kaleidoers to stop using our insulin cartridges. Secondly, it means we’re no longer growing our Kaleido family as of now. We’re ‘off the market’. But, don’t despair, it’s not forever! We are working day and night to make sure we fix this issue and come back with a better product. We’re determined to make a Comeback with Kaleido and we’ll keep our Kaleidoers (and everyone else) informed of all our developments.

We’re coming back!

In the meantime we will keep sharing blogs and post on social media every now and then. You can still send us an email at hello@hellokaleido.com. We are going to come back.

Oh, and if you want to be kept up to date of our comeback, you can subscribe here…

Frans Cromme – CEO