16 December 2021

Launch of Kaleido for the K-Force early 2022 in the Netherlands !

We are on the brink of a special moment; namely, the launch of Kaleido in early 2022 in the Netherlands.

We have been working very hard in the last few months to ensure we can bring Kaleido back into your hands as soon as possible, and this is now successful: we are back in commercial production and preparing for launch in early 2022.

We stick to our plan to make Kaleido available in three phases, with the first phase involving our K-Force being reunited with their Kaleido system. The K-Force is a group of experienced Kaleidoers based in the Netherlands, who will have their training refreshed to prepare them to start evaluating Kaleido. They will share their thoughts and feedback about their first experience back on Kaleido, which we are very excited about to hear, and will be even more excited to share with you. The first K-Force users are planned to start at the beginning of 2022.

Alongside the K-Force user evaluation, we are also collecting initial feedback from the first Diabeloop users in France, where they have commenced on Automated Insulin Delivery therapy using the Kaleido pump paired to the DBLG-1 handset.

So, watch this space as we will be back to share our next update!

Frans, CEO of Kaleido