7 May 2021

Kaleido is Coming!

Kaleido is coming… and today we are happy to be able to share with you the details on how we plan to do that! The plan will be to roll out in 3 key phases across 3 markets…

Phase one – Introducing K Force, our most trusted customers, our ambassadors, the people who love Kaleido most… they will hold the keys to us launching into the market. K-Force will start later on and give us all their thoughts and feedback on the return of Kaleido. Based in the Netherlands they will be the first people to use Kaleido.

Phase two – Launch partners, these are our clinical heroes… a small group of clinical teams willing to help new technology into the hands of PWD. For a period of 3 months, they will help us gain experience in training, using and supporting the system. These clinical teams will be based across our launch markets, Netherlands, UK.

Phase three – Full launch, once we have finished the first two phases, we will no longer control the use of Kaleido, with ambition to give access to all those who want to use it across all of our launch markets including the Netherlands, UK and Germany.

We are excited to be bringing Kaleido to those who need and want it, helping them live life on their own terms.

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