So, here’s Kaleido

Insulin pump therapy designed to help you live life on your own terms. It’s personal, discreet, always simple to use and easy to understand. The way we see it, pumping should give you the freedom and flexibility you need to do whatever makes you feel good.

Why Kaleido?

It's personal.

We’ve made it our mission to work alongside people with diabetes to find more freedom and flexibility within their day-to-day management. Our insulin pump system Kaleido offers them lots of choice, with hook and loop patches, two tubing lengths and a two-part system that comes in 10 rainbow-spanning colour combinations, so they can choose how and where to wear it.

It’s discreet.

Kaleido pumps measure up at just 50 x 35 x 12.5mm, weighing a featherlight 19 grams each. They pack in a sizeable 200 units but without the bulk that usually brings with it.

It’s simple to use, wear and understand.

A handset with an intuitive interface plus click-in cartridges that fill and prime at the same time make for an easy switch for everyone from first time pumpers to seasoned pros, helping them to improved control with less hassle and more time to focus on their lives outside of diabetes.

It’s consistent.

Kaleido uses a micro delivery system unavailable anywhere else on the market. The technology we’ve developed means that insulin delivery is more consistent and more reliable with every single dose, for 24 hours a day – right down to the last milligram.

What can it do for you?


When it comes to the practicalities of insulin pumping, Kaleido comes with options for the user to help them feel comfortable and confident. As well as the way their two-part pump and handset looks, users can opt to wear Kaleido as a patch pump or with longer 30cm tubing, making it easy for them to show it off or tuck it away out of sight.

Real life tools

Our built-in Kaleidoculator is there to help users to take carbs, insulin on board and glucose levels into account when they calculate their Quick or Extended boluses, up to a maximum of 30 units at a time. Setting temporary basal rates is easy, too. They can last up to 24 hours and range from 0 to 200% to seamlessly fit around the user’s lifestyle or to give them a hand to manage their BGs when they’re out of range. 


Pulse technology

Kaleido delivers insulin in a revolutionary way. Our system is unique on the global market and works with micro pulse delivery, guaranteeing insulin pumping that’s consistent and reliable for the user every time, which gives them the freedom to spend less time worrying and more time on the things they love.

How does it work?

Two pumps

Kaleido comes with two small, rechargeable pumps. One to charge while the other’s in use, so the user is never left hanging without a back-up. Each pump has a battery life of three days and can be charged from flat to full in two hours.

One handset

The handset controls the Kaleido system and like our pumps it’s fully rechargeable in two hours, for at least 24 hours of use. It’s used to make any changes to the user’s pump setup, available in whichever of our 10 colours the user opts for, and with a simple, intuitive interface that makes training easy.

To patch or not to patch?

Kaleido combines the freedom of a patch pump with the versatility of a conventional pump. Users can choose to keep it close with hook and loop patches that offer comfort and security, and are worn with short 5cm tubing, or slip it into their pocket with a longer 30cm option. Unlike other patch pumps, Kaleido doesn’t get thrown away, which means less waste to dispose of.




Topping up

The disposable parts of Kaleido include our 200-unit insulin cartridges, infusion sets that come in two sizes: 6mm or 9mm, and our hook and loop body patches for those going patch pump style. All ready for a change every three days.

Infusion sets

Kaleido comes with 6 or 9mm straight Teflon cannulas, so with a little help from their healthcare provider, our users can choose what works best for them. We’ve also designed an intuitive inserter to make set change days quick and easy to do at home or on the go.


Both pump and handset use a secure Bluetooth® Low-Energy channel to connect, which means hassle-free, discreet insulin delivery, around the clock. Our pumps are made with an aluminium casing that is waterproof up until 1.5 metres for one hour, which gives users even more freedom.

BG, their way

Whatever method is used for testing blood glucose, it’s easy to record readings on the Kaleido handset – whether the user has a standard meter, flash meter or CGM. Kaleido will slide right into the day-to-day of life with diabetes, which means minimal disruption and less worry while the user gets to grips with training. If a deeper look at data is needed, it can be uploaded to Glooko+diasend® for a full report.


We’ve designed the Kaleido handset to be simple to use and quick to navigate because we believe that good design makes a difference to the user experience. Bolusing is complete in just a couple of clicks, and basal rates adjusted in seconds. Our handset can also store up to 90 days of data to look back at, all easy to upload and accessible  via Glooko+diasend®.

Filling up

Our 200-unit insulin cartridges are filled and primed in the same step. Once they’re filled, they just click into place and are ready for action. Kaleido insulin cartridges can be filled with either NovoRapid® or Humalog®.



Waterproof pumps

Our pumps are waterproof for up to 1.5 metres for 1 hour

200 units

Fill your Kaleido insulin cartridge with 200 units of rapid acting U-100 insulin – NovoRapid® or Humalog®

Three days of use

With normal use (that means in every daily life where you use less than 200 units of insulin every 3 days), your pump battery will last over three days… easy!


Your handset stores up to 90 days of data, all easy to upload and accessible via Glooko+diasend®

Pen to pump

Pump therapy has been shown to be more precise, consistent and adaptable than MDI, with smaller doses of insulin delivered, leading to lower risk of hypo and lower variation rates.

There are a large number of studies to show that compared to MDI, insulin pump therapy can lead to better control of glucose levels, improve quality of life and have benefits before and during pregnancy in users with diabetes.

 Pump therapy has been shown to be more precise, consistent and adaptable than MDI, with smaller doses of insulin delivered, leading to lower risk of hypo and lower variation rates. Pump users have also reported that the “daily hassles” that come with having diabetes have been reduced, and that eating has become less of a production because they don’t have to inject for everything. Studies also found added benefits before and during pregnancy, and a goldmine of data produced to help in tracking and planning management.

 We believe that knowledge is power, so Kaleido can store up to 90 days of information about a user’s blood glucose levels and insulin delivery, all of which is downloadable so they can share it with their team, plus it’s easy to view for more practical and clear day-to-day management.

Pump Mechanism

Our system is different from other pumps currently on the market around the world. Its technology allows us to keep Kaleido super small and is designed for consistency using a precision mechanism that allows us to deliver exactly 0.05u of insulin per cycle. Kaleido also delivers at a slower than average rate of approx. 1u over 60 seconds. Research shows this has little to no effect on absorption times.

The Medical Device Awareness Card – to make life with an insulin pump easier.

The Medical Device Awareness Card – to make life with an insulin pump easier.

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