22 December 2021

Christmas Feelings

The days are getting shorter… Christmas is getting closer and is one huge bright spot for Rachella. For her, Christmas can’t come soon enough! Here are her thoughts on the subject:

For me, Christmas is something special. I love spending it together with my family and friends. It really is “the most wonderful time of the year”… Cliché? No way! I’ve been looking forward to Christmas since the summer, and I do love Christmas films no matter what season we’re in! I can say with certainty that I am a true Christmas lover.

From the end of October onwards, I start making plans for the holidays: where will I be spending the Big Day? And Boxing Day? What will I wear? What will I eat! Which colour will the decorations for the tree be this year? I think through every single detail.

The tree is shining

My celebration season starts in earnest with Sinterklaas – a Dutch holiday celebrated on the 5th of December. Then it’s time to put up the tree! You might think that’s quite late for a Christmas fanatic like me, but it won’t leave my living room until the end of January.

For decoration this year, I’ve gone for a white theme with soft lighting. White roses, sheep, stars and even polar bears! I combine them with champagne coloured pearl baubles. I always match my wrapping paper to the colour of my baubles, too. Right at the top of the tree, there are two lights. On the shelf, I’ve put some angels for a heavenly atmosphere.

A seat at the table for my diabetes

A special guest for the Christmas meal is always, of course, my diabetes. To be honest, I don’t really give it much attention. I make this decision consciously because I want to enjoy the festive season to the fullest. I don’t want to be constantly chasing BGs. So I show diabetes to its own seat at the end of the table and regularly check-in. If a hyper turns up, I correct it and send diabetes back to its seat. A hypo can be more annoying, but then I have good reason to eat an extra piece of Christmas wreath or another tasty treat on offer! In short, diabetes doesn’t stand in my way of enjoying my favourite time of year.

A delicious meal

This year, the planning is already complete. I’m keeping things easy with the ever so cosy Gourmet at the centre of the table. Everyone brings their favourite and the table is quickly filled… and so are the tummies! With the Gourmet, there’s a starter, a main course and some side dishes – a real treat! I opt for chicken and beef, but I think the best ones are mini pizzas and pancakes. Last year, we had mini hamburgers with mini buns. I’m going to try egg this year, and rustle up a delicious veggie side dish with salad and raw vegetables.

Are you in the Christmas mood yet? My ultimate trick is to watch Christmas films – instant Christmas spirit! Preferably under a warm blanket on the couch… What’s your favourite Christmas film?

About Rachella

Rachella has had diabetes for 19 years and is a creative person. She likes to create beautiful nail art and spend time with her family. As a professional, she takes care of Kaleido training.