25 September 2019

What a welcome to Kaleido!

I just returned from spending the past week in Barcelona at the EASD conference. And I can honestly say I couldn’t be working with a nicer group of people. Everyone here just seems to get it. We deal with diabetes all day every day, so why not make it positive, colourful and ultimately – happy? As a new company, we have the opportunity to define things from day one. We can shake things up a bit and try something new. Welcome to Kaleido.

Kaleido is coming to the UK

The European Association for the Study of Diabetes (EASD) conference was our opportunity to welcome the world’s leading healthcare professionals, researchers, and press to Kaleido. We wanted to show who we are, what we have, and where we are going.  The 2019 exhibition was particularly exciting for me. This year, we are bringing Kaleido to the UK – good job we’re waterproof! 

It might have been the sunshine in Barcelona, but I am a big believer in the positive messaging we are trying to bring to this industry. Thousands of healthcare professionals came to hear about the latest in diabetes research as well as new and future technologies.  People approached our stand with a smile, the colour drawing them in, before even knowing what Kaleido was. As smiles are notoriously contagious, I noticed it instantly put our team, myself included, in an equally positive mindset. That was before we’d even started talking with the health care professionals (and people with diabetes) attending.

Having been to lots of events like this over the years, it was very interesting for me exhibiting on this scale. We kept things simple on our stand. And we tried to keep it personal when talking to people: two of our core values that we try to convey with everything we do.

I knew all the things I liked about Kaleido and what made me interested in joining the company in the first place. The engineering, friendly atmosphere and positive vibe. But hearing these same things get people in the industry excited was a real buzz. It was also a great boost to everyone who has worked so hard to get Kaleido to where it is today. 

Thank you for all your support

We are so happy to now have well over 500 people actively using Kaleido in the Netherlands. But we wouldn’t get anywhere without the support of the people who trust us to look after their health. So a big thank you to everyone who has used Kaleido in the Netherlands. Also to everyone who has supported us, and given us their feedback.  Your trusthas provided the foundation from which to launch in the UK, making Kaleido available to so many more people.

I believe if you’re always thinking carefully about how people will feel, you’re on the right track.  As we continue to work tirelessly to bring Kaleido to hospitals near you, I hope to welcome you to Kaleido as warmly as I have been welcomed myself.

Welcome to Kaleido.

About Ed

Ed is one of the new UK Territory Managers for Kaleido. It’s his job to facilitate Kaleido being available to as many people with diabetes who would like to use it as possible. He is a keen white-water kayaker and volunteers his time coaching children at his local club.  He has a love of travel and all things related to technology. His mathematics background and hacker interests led him to design one of the first DIY artificial pancreases. This won him a scholarship to America to research control algorithms and diabetes treatments. This culminated in him being invited to present his work at Google. Having built his own artificial pancreas and begun looping, he has been in the fortunate position of using just about every insulin pump on the market. So he knows exactly where Kaleido excels.