14 March 2023

We’re back! Kaleido is now available in the Netherlands

We have good news for you! We’re happy to announce that Kaleido is now available in the Netherlands, to everyone who is eligible. So, if you’d like to apply to start using Kaleido again, now’s the time!
Planning for the future: making Kaleido available worldwide

I’m very happy to announce that Kaleido is now available for users in the Netherlands. In addition, we are working on our global growth and increasing the availability of Kaleido in other countries. Over the past months, we’ve been carefully preparing for our launch in the Netherlands. 70 users have been using Kaleido intensively, providing feedback on both the product and our services, like training and our customer service provision – Kaleido Care. And with very positive results! Over 90% of users are satisfied with Kaleido and recommend it because they experience more freedom and fewer hypers and hypos with Kaleido. We are therefore now ready to make Kaleido available to everyone.

Growth, with our focus on a hybrid closed loop

We have spent a lot of time in recent months expanding and increasing our production. We moved to a new location in Utrecht, where we have built and certified our modern production lines. With this expansion, we are ready for the future.

This year, the team behind Kaleido will grow to a force of over 150 professionals, based both here and abroad. Together we’ll build on the success of our insulin pump. We’re anticipating that later this year, Kaleido will be available in the Netherlands as part of a hybrid closed loop system in collaboration with Diabeloop.

Do you want to start with Kaleido and you live in the Netherlands?

Have you used Kaleido in the past? Would you like to use Kaleido again? All you need to do is contact Kaleido Care, they have good news for you! Maybe you’d like to try Kaleido for the first time? If so, welcome to the family. Just get in touch and we’ll be happy to help you start your journey.

Stay tuned for further updates!

Kind regards,

Frans Cromme