19 February 2024

MedTech Strategist on ViCentra’s latest developments, markets and roadmap

ViCentra has been featured in the MedTech Strategist Magazine focused on the medtech industry.

ViCentra, founded in 2013 and based in the Netherlands, has a tiny wearable insulin pump called Kaleido that is reusable, comes in 10 vibrant colors, and offers more flexibility than other patch pumps on the market.

The Kaleido patch-pump system comes with two durable pumps, a handheld controller,
a disposable insulin cartridge that lasts three days, and a choice of two external infusion sets: a short set that can be placed on the body right next to the pump, or a longer infusion set that enables the pump to be carried in a pocket. Although the system is not tubeless, the pump is sleek, small, and lightweight (50 mm × 35 mm × 12.5 mm and about 19 grams) and comes in appealing colors that could strike a chord with pumpers .

“We are competing with pumps that look and feel like traditional medical devices. Our users tell us how much they value a premium consumer look and feel.” – Frans Cromme

As for ViCentra’s US plans, the company will wait until it has European Medical Device Regulation (EUMDR) certification, which it hopes to obtain early this year, before turning its attention to the US market. It plans to make a few modifications to the system, including adding smartphone control, prior to submitting a 510(k), and is unlikely to obtain US market clearance before 2026.

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