Kaleido news
8 May 2017

ViCentra’s insulin pump Kaleido fully reimbursed in the Netherlands

Kaleido, the smallest and lightest insulin pump in the world, is now available to be fully reimbursed by all health insurance companies in the Netherlands.

As the company behind Kaleido, at ViCentra we’ve worked hard to secure agreements with every health insurance company across the country, so that anyone who is eligible for insulin pump therapy and wants to, can choose Kaleido.

Kaleido brings a new and innovative pump to the market. It’s a semi-patch pump that can be worn directly on the skin like a patch pump but can also be worn the traditional way with a longer tube. Kaleido comes in a choice of 10 bright colours so that the user can customize their system to suit their tastes. Better yet, all parts of the system are rechargeable. Kaleido offers insulin pump therapy designed to help people with diabetes live life on their own terms. It is personal, discreet, always simple to use and easy to understand.

Criteria for reimbursement in the Netherlands are:

  • If treatment goals are not reached with insulin injection
  • Night time low blood glucose or non-stable blood glucose levels
  • Elevated blood glucose levels before meals with maximum short acting insulin
  • Variation in blood glucose levels during the day on basal insulin
  • Pregnancy wish and higher than accepted HbA1c
  • Variations in physical activity caused by working conditions or sport
  • Initiative of the person with diabetes

Michael Graves, CEO of ViCentra commented: “We’re very happy that Kaleido will be reimbursed by all health insurance companies in the Netherlands. This is a first step to a nationwide launch of Kaleido. We are currently working hard on training all hospitals on the use of Kaleido so that within a few months, Kaleido will be fully available in the Netherlands for everyone.