Kaleido news
15 April 2016

ViCentra Board announce change in management

In anticipation of the imminent commercialisation of the Kaleido insulin delivery system, the ViCentra Board are announcing today a change in management that prepares the Company for the next phase in its future.

Joseph Cefai stepped down as CEO on April 1st 2016. Joseph will take up the role of Special Advisor to the Board and will initially support the Board with the transition to the new management team.

In announcing this change, the Board at ViCentra wanted to recognise the excellent work that Joseph has done in building ViCentra. Joseph is the inventor of the Kaleido core technology, the driving force that founded ViCentra and was instrumental in galvanising the team around the development of this exciting and ground breaking product and securing CE marking in September of 2015. They applaud both the speed and efficiency with which this has been achieved and the value it has created for its shareholders. The Board also recognises the unique culture Joseph has brought to the ViCentra family creating an environment in which commitment and dedication thrived. They are confident the Company will capitalise on this great work when the product enters the market.

The Board at ViCentra are looking forward to continuing to work with Joseph in his new capacity as Special Advisor to the Board and look forward to his continuing influence on the direction of the Company and the Kaleido insulin delivery system.