Kaleido news
1 March 2019

ViCentra and Bosman renew distribution agreement for Kaleido in the Netherlands

ViCentra is proud to share that its distribution agreement with Bosman Medical Supplies, part of OneMed, has recently been renewed.

The renewal continues the exclusive agreement made in 2017 for the distribution of the Kaleido insulin pump across the Netherlands. Bosman is one of the Netherlands’ largest distributors of diabetes medical supplies.

The details of the agreement stay the same, with Bosman working as the sole distributor for Kaleido, to ensure that Kaleido users receive their materials in a safe and timely way. Bosman will also continue to provide customer care for Kaleido users in the form of Kaleido Care, a phoneline and email support service available 24/7 for any technical questions regarding the pump and its use. This trained and dedicated team will provide support for customers, answering any questions that may arise.

“The renewal of our agreement with Bosman is another step forward for Kaleido. We’ve been providing Kaleido to users in the Netherlands for almost a year now and it’s been an exciting ride. We’re happy Bosman wants to stay on this ride with us”, says Joost van Kordelaar, Customer & Distributor Manager at ViCentra.

Pieter-Jan Jongeling, CEO of Bosman added, “It’s been exciting to be a part of the launch of a completely new pump in the Netherlands. We’re happy to continue on this journey, providing Kaleido to more and more users every day.”