18 January 2024

Up close with Peter Winbom: “It’s an opportunity for growth and learning, that’s for sure!”

Meet the extraordinary individuals at Kaleido who play a pivotal role in shaping the essence of our company. Today, we are thrilled to introduce you to one of our remarkable colleagues, Peter, who serves as our Senior Quality Engineer.

Peter, you are a Senior Quality Engineer, what does this mean?  

I work in a team called “New Product Implementation”, which means that I am involved when a new process is set up. This could be a new manufacturing tool, an assembly line or, as we did in 2022, installing a new clean room for production.   

As a Senior Quality Engineer, it’s my responsibility to review and approve all the types of documentation, like validation plans and protocols, work instructions, risk assessments and reports, that are needed to comply with ViCentra procedures, as well as international standards and regulations. I also work in close cooperation with the Quality Control team in setting up and testing new inspection methods.   

That sounds like a challenging role! How did you end up at Kaleido?   

I’ve been working in a variety of quality roles for different companies since 2006 and have always enjoyed that part of the Medical Device industry. How I got to ViCentra in particular is just one of those happy coincidences that happens in life. I was ready to explore life outside of Sweden (my home country) and found an opportunity here.  

How do you like living in The Netherlands now, are there things that stand out in particular?   

I like it, it’s actually quite similar to life in Scandinavia. If I would say one thing that took a bit of getting used to, I would say the use of credit/debit cards. I haven’t used cash is Sweden for many, many years.! I would also say that the food is a little bit different, at least to my taste buds! 

What’s so special about the Dutch food?  

I’m used to a little more spice. I wouldn’t say that that applies to all of Sweden, but it does to my region.  

You’re not only particular about food, but you’re also known as one of the best dressed and groomed people in our company. Where does this passion come from?  

Haha! Thank you! I have always liked to express myself through my appearance, which could be clothes, hairstyles or facial hair. But I also like pretty things, so I guess that is the reason.  

So, which of the Kaleido colours is your favourite?   

Pink, without hesitation.  

What should everyone know about working at Kaleido?  

It’s not without challenges, that’s for sure. It is a fairly young and small company. But it is also an exciting product and I have lots of very talented colleagues. They give me the opportunity to learn new skills and expand my knowledge!