7 July 2022

The K-Force: a dedicated group of former Kaleidoers based in the Netherlands, who are providing valuable feedback.

The K-Force is ready for the next phase!
In April this year, we launched the first phase with our K-Force in the Netherlands. They’re a group of 35 former Kaleidoers who have volunteered to share their user experience with us to learn how our product is now performing. We have received a lot of valuable feedback from our K-Force members during phase 1, including from Lucille and Ferry:

Lucille: “I have my freedom and flexibility back with Kaleido! Freedom to clip and unclip, to have a choice of cartridge tubing length (5 or 30 cm) and to wear my pump how I want to. I’m extremely happy to have my freedom back with Kaleido. The freedom a patched system like Kaleido offers makes a difference for me. With Kaleido, I have a calmer and more relaxed life. It takes the worries of life with diabetes out of my hands. I know it works and my BGs are a lot more stable. And I can just do the things everyone else does, without boundaries. Alongside that, to see such a small and colourful pump, it feels so fancy!”

Ferry: “To be back on Kaleido is a huge step forward for me. Kaleido has given me my freedom back, not only physically with the movement the pump allows, but also mental freedom. This is reflected in my BGs and therefore TIR (time in range), which has improved 20% compared to the time I spent on my previous pump. With more freedom, I have fewer worries and less stress. Life to the fullest!”

At ViCentra, nothing is more valuable than direct and honest feedback. It gives us valuable insight into the performance of Kaleido with the improvements we made to the product and highlights where we can improve our instructions for use. In order to keep learning from our users, we have decided to extend the K-Force’s until the end of 2022, and increase the number of participants.

After completing the K-Force User Experience at the end of this year, we plan to make Kaleido available to a broader group of interested users.

Would you like to join the K-Force? 

There are still some exclusive places left! Are you a previous Kaleidoer based in the Netherlands who’d like to offer us your feedback? If so, let us know via Kaleidocare.nl@hellokaleido.com