26 April 2023

Official opening of ViCentra’s new headquarters in Utrecht

Utrecht, 21 April 2023

ViCentra B.V., the company behind the small and colourful Kaleido insulin pump, officially opened the doors of its new headquarters in Utrecht on Thursday 20th April. More than 75 diabetes professionals had, among other things, the opportunity to take a close look at the “clean room”, the place where ViCentra produces the cartridges and infusion sets for Kaleido.

For years, ViCentra was based at a smaller start-up location in Utrecht. Due to its growth, the company needed new premises where it could greatly expand both the production facility and the office space. ViCentra succeeded in this at Rijnzathe in Utrecht, where it moved into a modern building equipped with all modern conveniences. Apart from spacious offices and cheerful meeting rooms in Kaleido colours, the premises also house the aforementioned high-tech clean room where the cartridges and infusion sets for their insulin pump are produced.

Everything under one roof

“We are extremely happy with the new premises,” said Frans Cromme, director of ViCentra. “It is a great progress that now all colleagues – from sales to marketing and from production to customer service – are together. We have plenty of room here to meet our growth targets, both in terms of staff and production capacity.”

Making the lives of people with diabetes a little brighter

ViCentra wants to give control over their own lives back to people with diabetes. Preferably in a cheerful, colourful way. “The life of someone with diabetes is difficult enough as it is,” says Inge Van Boxelaer, a specialist in diabetes technology and president of the Belgian Association of Endocrino-Diabetologists. During her presentation on the Diabetes Tech Journey, she explains that there are as many as 42 factors that affect your blood glucose levels. “So you can imagine that the disease controls your life 24/7. I think it’s wonderful to see ViCentra trying to make their lives a little nicer. I don’t have diabetes myself, but if I did, I would be hugely receptive to such a super-small, innovative and also cheerfully coloured Kaleido insulin pump.”

A unique view into the clean room

After the ribbon has been officially cut and all attendees have toasted to the opening of the new premises, the guests are divided into three groups. One group admires the brand-new offices and meeting rooms on the second floor, another group enjoy a demo of the pump’s one-of-a-kind operation in the Kaleido Experience Centre, and the third group makes its way to the clean room. “Our clean room is fully controlled,” continues Frans Cromme. “You don’t normally just get in or out of it. Especially for occasions like this, we have created a corridor next to the clean room from which visitors can see the production process with their own eyes.”

Ready for Europe!

Once all groups have had a chance to admire the entire building, it is time to wind down. While enjoying a snack and a drink, the guests continue to talk at length about everything they have seen and heard today. One thing is certain: with this new state-of-the-art building, ViCentra is all set to let the Netherlands, Germany, France – and later the rest of Europe – experience what Kaleido can mean for people with diabetes. “We are looking forward to the future and are convinced that our new headquarters will contribute to the growth and development of our company. We would like to thank all our customers, partners and employees for their support and contribution to this new chapter.”

About ViCentra B.V. ViCentra, the company behind Kaleido is based in the Netherlands. Our philosophy is to make innovative products that put people first. With our focus on diabetes, we develop our products not for patients, but for people. We believe that when products are simple, designed beautifully, and deliver outstanding results, they provide more user enjoyment and help people live better on their own terms. It was with this philosophy in mind that Kaleido was born. Kaleido is a pioneering insulin delivery system for people with diabetes. Through its unique pulse technology, it provides extremely precise and reliable delivery of insulin, giving its user the peace of mind and freedom that’s often missing for those with a long-term health condition.