25 July 2019

Kaleido wedding special: why Kaleido?

When I realised I would have to go wedding dress shopping, I had the obvious anxieties and body image issues. On top of that was the worry of what I would do with my pump in a wedding dress? Did I go wedding dress shopping wanting to be able to access my pump being a box to tick? Or did I, on this one occasion vow not to dress for my pump as I normally feel I do? I chose the latter and I cannot tell you what a difference it made when I found my dress. However, I then had to try and come up with a solution to managing my diabetes on my wedding day.

So, which pump?

For me, I want to be able to pump. I don’t know how the emotion and excitement (or the copious amounts of dancing and delicious food and wine) of the day will affect my blood glucose levels. And the functionality of an insulin pump for me, allows the flexibility I feel I need to manage that a little more discreetly than usual. My actual pump though, doesn’t allow me the freedom I need to do that in my wedding dress. It would mean I am tethered to what feels like a breezeblock. And that on the day I want to listen to my heart and not my pancreas. I would also somehow need to be able to access my pump to bolus, adjust basals etc.

There are a myriad of solutions like wearing it in a pouch on your legs or having a special pocket sewn into your dress. But none of those felt like they were a solution for me. I was at a loss and really struggling, would this mean I have to inject on my wedding day? Perhaps making my Diabetes more visible than I want it to be to others and myself on such a special day?

Say hello to Kaleido

So I began looking at other pumps the way most brides-to-be look at wedding shoes. There were a few that looked like they had potential. But once I laid eyes on the Kaleido I felt like I’d found the perfect wedding day accessory. Not only is the Kaleido pump beautiful to look at (the colour choices are incredible). But, the functionality and size were winners for me, the pump itself is small and unobtrusive. With the added bonus (which felt like finding out the wedding shoes are in the sale), of the ability to fully control the pump remotely and with an equally good-looking handset that bears little resemblance to a medical device. You can choose whether to wear the Kaleido as a patch, pocket or bra (the ladies will understand) pump.

Kaleido is made by people who understand what it’s like to live with T1D. And from the first moment I had contact with them, I felt like I dealt with humans who are invested in people with diabetes having the freedom to put Life, and the big events within it, at the forefront.

When my wedding day comes, I want to be Niki, The Bride. I’ve a sneaky suspicion Kaleido will play a very special part in making that wish come true.

About Niki

Niki is mumma to Moomin and fiancé to Matt and has been the director of her type 1 diabetes since 2001. When she’s not hanging out with her family, working or planning the wedding of the year, she can be found writing about her life with T1D at whatnikididnext.wordpress.com. Niki is also passionate about research and living well with diabetes.