24 September 2019

Kaleido wedding special: and so it begins….

Leading up to Friday 6th September 2019, I felt such excitement and a smidgen of apprehension all at the same time. I’d developed such high expectations of what the Kaleido could do for me. Aside from the ability to control the pump remotely (a big win on the wedding dress front), I hoped this teeny tiny piece of colourful technology would help me overcome many of the body image obstacles I experienced every day. Of course the biggest expectation was always that it would be the most effective management tool in my Diabetes Kit.

Since returning to MDI in March, I’ve found that my weight increased. I also found I needed more glucose to treat a hypo and shied away from a lot of exercise for fear of hypos. I knew that Insulin Pump Therapy would make a difference, having experienced it before. And I was looking forward to experiencing the difference Kaleido could make to all of that.

I was finally starting on Kaleido

When Jayne from Kaleido arrived, it literally felt like she came bearing gifts. From the bags the pumps were in, to the boxes; opening it all up was such a lovely, non-clinical experience. And that’s such a rarity when Type 1 Diabetes lives with you. Our every day is led by clinical decisions. We spend a large proportion of our lives with medical professionals in clinical environments. So this really was a breath of fresh air. It made me feel like I was at the centre of this process rather than my Diabetes.

We spent time going through the kit and various functions, using the guidebook; which is colour coded to match the handset screen options (so helpful when you need info quickly). Then I had a few dummy runs at filling the cartridge before we did it for real. Filling the cartridge, fitting it in the pump, inserting the cannula and then attaching the pump was all new. But it went smoothly and this time, when the handset confirmed “orange pump connected” I didn’t cry as I had at previous pump starts. Instead I felt empowered and raring to go.

When diabetes became less of a burden

In fact I was so raring to go that that evening, we went for a family dog walk. I was running after my 16-month-old daughter and laughing at her holding the lead; I chased my dog through the long grass. And I held my fiancé’s hand as we watched our 2 girls exploring the nature reserve near us. The temp basal worked a treat and so did the extended bolus when we had pasta for dinner. We spent lots of time walking together over that weekend, my family, my Kaleido and I. Immediately I felt a sense of freedom I didn’t expect, a weightlessness; emotionally and physically. No longer did managing my diabetes feel like a chore, but more of a choice*. I cannot wait to try my wedding dress on at my first fitting.

*This is the best metaphor I can find for how I’m feeling and in no way am I suggesting that Diabetes, or its management is a choice.

About Niki

Niki is mumma to Moomin and fiancé to Matt and has been the director of her type 1 diabetes since 2001. When she’s not hanging out with her family, working or planning the wedding of the year, she can be found writing about her life with T1D at whatnikididnext.wordpress.com Niki is also passionate about research and living well with diabetes.