Kaleido news
2 April 2018

Kaleido to fully launch for adults in the Netherlands

Following a successful pilot scheme at a small selection Dutch hospitals, Kaleido has now fully launched in the Netherlands.

As the company behind the smallest and lightest insulin pump in the world, at ViCentra we’re proud to announce that our first Kaleidoers started using their pumps earlier this month.

Hospitals across the Netherlands are currently being given full training on the use of Kaleido. As soon as those hospitals are ready, users can start using Kaleido – they’ll receive a Starter Kit with a handset and 2 pumps in their chosen colours. Users will also receive a 2.5 hour training session on how to use their Kaleido.

Michael Graves, CEO of ViCentra is pleased with the progress: “We’re so excited that we’re finally officially on the market. It was amazing to hand over the first Starter Kit to our first official customer. We are also incredibly thankful to everyone who was a part of our soft launch and tested Kaleido over the past year or more. The insights and feedback of these people has helped us improve Kaleido to become an insulin pump that people with diabetes are happy to use.”

The fact that Kaleido has now officially launched, does not mean that we’ve finished working on it. “Based on users’ feedback, we will keep improving as we start more and more people on Kaleido,” says Alex Evans, interim CCO of ViCentra. “Whether that’s feedback that they’d like to see a different color pump, an additional software feature or a different tubing length – we take all feedback seriously and will keep improving wherever we can.”

If someone with diabetes who is eligible for insulin pump therapy would like to try Kaleido, they can reach out to their healthcare provider to discuss it. At this time, Kaleido is only available for adults, but at ViCentra we’re working on the launch for children and adolescents in the near future.