6 July 2023

Kaleido opens its new headquarters in Utrecht

At Kaleido, we employ passionate people, determined to do everything they can to make your life with type 1 diabetes as easy as possible. For us, people always come first. And that means you!
Everything under one roof

To support us in our vision, we recently opened a brand-new head office and production centre in Utrecht. Here, our whole team can work under one roof, from sales and marketing to Kaleido Care, and even the heroes who make Kaleido’s infusion sets and cartridges. But what makes our new office really special is the state-of-the-art clean room which allows us to produce the cartridges and infusion sets for our insulin pump on-site.

Global growth Since our move we have all the space we need to grow on a global scale. Not only do we have room to expand our team even further, but we can also produce on a larger scale and at a faster pace. With our current production lines and the professional team now in-house, we can supply several countries and welcome new Kaleidoers to the Kaleido family.

Grand opening

Recently, we officially opened our new head office with lots of festivities – all in keeping with contemporary Kaleido! You can watch the video of our opening below.

See you soon! If you haven’t had the chance to get to know Kaleido yet, then this is the time! We’re here to help you live your life on your own terms, making you just that little bit happier, and – of course – more colourful!

The new Kaleido HQ isn’t just for us, it’s also for you as a Kaleidoer, or simply as an interested party who wants to learn more. Drop us a message and we’ll be happy to set you up a tour.