7 June 2021

Kaleido joins the JDRF One Walk 2021!

Have you heard it already? No? Then read on, because there is a lot going on here at Kaleido for JDRF.

While we are busy with the preparations for bringing Kaleido back, we decided to join the JDRF One Walk 2021 with our team. The JDRF One Walk is an event which has the goal to raise funds to be used for scientific research regarding type 1 diabetes.

We started a team with a group of colleagues for the JDRF One Walk. Every break from work we will invest our time to a Walk, however this is obviously not enough so we will continue at home. During those walks we are having a good time and we are quite competitive with each other. For example, the restrooms and kitchen areas are decorated with QR codes to be scanned with your phone.
We’re sure that no colleague could have missed these! You will be directed to the JDRF page of that specific team member and go head: Donate!

However, then something happened, a team member got pushed from his number one spot on the leader board within 2 days! Different tactics and strategies were discussed to raise funds… Do we need to walk around with our QR codes on our backs through the city centre of Utrecht? Or is WhatsApp enough to get those funds in? All these questions, tactics and conspiracies, there is a lot going on! Can you help team Kaleido to the top?

Click here and you will be directed to our colourful team page where you can donate if you want!