14 March 2023

Kaleido insulin pump that adapts to its user’s lifestyle: now available in the Netherlands

  • Kaleido, the insulin pump system that lets people with diabetes live life on their own terms, is now available for users in the Netherlands
  • Innovative insulin pump system Kaleido now available: one of the smallest, most accurate and lightest insulin pumps available, with no compromise on beautiful design
Utrecht, March 14, 2023

Kaleido is one of the smallest and lightest insulin pumps currently on the market. Designed to allow people with diabetes to live life on their own terms, Kaleido features innovative pulse technology that provides continuous micro-dosing of insulin. The pump’s appearance is designed to be appealing and simple, coming in 10 colour combinations to allow the user to truly personalize their treatment. Each pump can be worn directly on the body or in the user’s pocket when using the longer tubing option. This level of personalization makes Kaleido a personal, discreet and easy-to-use option for people with diabetes. Starting today, Kaleido can be prescribed by healthcare providers in the Netherlands for eligible people with diabetes.

Looking to the future

Frans Cromme, CEO of ViCentra, the company behind Kaleido: “I am very happy we can announce that Kaleido is now available to more users in the Netherlands. A highly engaged group of 70 users have been using Kaleido intensively in the last 12 months, providing feedback on both the product and our services, such as our training and our customer care team. We are very satisfied with the results, and are now ready to make Kaleido available to more people with diabetes.”

ViCentra has invested heavily in recent months to increase production capacity and has moved to a new location in Utrecht with certified modern production. “As a result of this expansion, we are planning to supply Kaleido to a large group of users in other European markets this year” said Frans. “The team behind Kaleido will also grow to a force of over 150 professionals, based both here and abroad.”

Kaleido with hybrid closed loop

Today Kaleido is available as a stand alone insulin pump for people with diabetes aged 18 and above. We are also very excited that later this year ViCentra will make Kaleido available in combination with the DBLG1 system from Diabeloop. Which is an advanced hybrid closed loop system which uses the Dexcom G6 CGM sensor. We will keep you posted on our plans.

Requesting Kaleido in the Netherlands

Users can fully customize the pump system to fit their own needs. For example, they can choose between infusion sets measuring 6 or 9 mm. For users who prefer to wear the pump on their body, there are 5 cm tubing sets, or a tube length of 30 cm for users who prefer to carry their pump in their pocket. Those who are completely new to Kaleido can request the pump system now through their healthcare provider. Discover more information at hellokaleido.com

About ViCentra B.V. ViCentra, the company behind Kaleido is based in the Netherlands. Our philosophy is to make innovative products that put people first. With our focus on diabetes, we develop our products not for patients, but for people. We believe that when products are simple, are designed beautifully, and deliver outstanding results. They provide more user enjoyment and help people live better on their own terms. It was with this philosophy in mind that Kaleido was born. Kaleido is a pioneering insulin delivery system for people with type 1 diabetes. Through its unique pulse technology, it provides extremely precise and reliable delivery of insulin, giving its user the peace of mind and freedom that’s often missing for those with a long term health condition.