29 August 2023

Getting started with Kaleido

If you’re thinking about getting started with Kaleido, nice! There’s no doubt about that. At Kaleido, we make onboarding as fun and easy as possible, and we’re there to help you.

If you’ve been admiring Kaleido for a while but you’re hesitant to take the leap, read on to discover how easy it can be to get started. And crack on with living your life with all the added freedom (and colour!) that Kaleido offers.

Who can access Kaleido, and how do they go about it?

Kaleido is available to those with Type 1 diabetes, or to those people with Type 2 diabetes who are insulin dependent, and who’s Healthcare Professional has confirmed that they have the indication for pump therapy.

Once you’ve reached out to us (click here to register your interest!), we’ll use the contact details you provided to get in touch with you directly. In the Netherlands, you can also speak directly to your Diabetes Specialist Nurse (DSN) about choosing Kaleido. From there, we’ll liaise with your diabetes team to get you started!

What happens next?

There will be a few steps to complete – including the Handset Settings Form. If you’ve been on a pump before, you’ll be able to complete this yourself with a final sign-off from your DSN. Or if you’re moving from pen therapy you can work alongside your DSN to figure these settings out together. You’ll also choose your colour combination and together with your DSN the tubing length and cannula size. Once we have this info, we can make up your Starter Kit and get it out to you, so you’re all set up for training!