11 August 2022

Ferry: K-Force and me

Everyone knows that Kaleido is one of the best-looking insulin pumps. It’s so beautiful. I was so happy when I was able to schedule my training to start using Kaleido again. Having been a full Kaleidoer for a few years – then not being one for a few months – I couldn’t wait to get back. Yes, I was really looking forward to it!

So let’s go back to the training because that was where my Kaleido story began again. I completed the training in a group, and the great thing about it was that I got to pair it with meeting other people with diabetes. There were some familiar faces and some totally new ones, but all with one thing in common: we have diabetes, and we are all embarking on the Kaleido adventure. It was an in-person training session too, which was so nice after all that time during the pandemic not being able to meet others.

“The training was a good mix for me, the possibility to share experiences and to restart the adventure together with Kaleido, feeling refreshed and prepared.”

Getting back on Kaleido took some time getting used to. Thankfully, only in a positive sense! I have regained my freedom. I feel I can ‘live’ more easily now. It may sound a bit heavy, but even changing clothes or taking a shower, I don’t have to take my insulin pump into account. There are fewer daily irritations and the colourful Kaleido gives me energy! If my BG is a little bit higher than I would like, the cheerful and colourful design really helps! I can choose to show it off or hide it because of its size. Overall, it gives me flexibility in daily life, but it also gives me mental peace. I experience less stress because diabetes is less present and, in return, I have better BG levels.

For me, the K-Force works as a “sounding board”, with the valuable everyday experience of using Kaleido. I enjoy sharing my opinion and experiencing the ways in which Kaleido makes my life easier. In this way, we reap the benefits together. Kaleido learns from me and I’m able to use Kaleido. It makes me feel good to bring Kaleido to the market together. So that it’s not just me who can experience the freedom it offers, but all Kaleidoers get the opportunity too!

Would you like to join the K-Force too? 

There are still some exclusive places left!

Are you a previous Kaleidoer based in the Netherlands who’d like to offer us your feedback? If so, let us know via Kaleidocare.nl@hellokaleido.com