Women with Kaleido insulin pump
9 April 2019

Diabeloop + ViCentra = Exciting things to come!

We have something very exciting to share! ViCentra, the company behind us here at Kaleido HQ, have teamed up with Diabeloop. Together we will distribute an all-new, totally comprehensive and extremely personalised system for T1Ds.

Clinical studies went really well and Diabeloop received CE marking for the DBLGI System late last year. So here’s the breakdown. The DBLG-1 System integrates a CGM (Dexcom G6) with your Kaleido to work out the insulin you require. It automatically adjusts the delivery of it through your pump. That’s fewer calculations for you, lower risk of hypos and less time spent managing your diabetes. So you can do more of whatever you like! With the new distribution partnership in place, the DBLGI System will become available in selected countries across Europe soon.

We spoke to ViCentra’s CEO Michael Graves and he shared his thoughts. “The promising results from the launch of our Kaleido insulin pump in the Netherlands has confirmed that we’re filling a gap in the insulin pump market. Our team has developed a unique and innovative product. It addresses a very real need for choice, discretion and simplicity in the insulin pump market. We believe in a future where closed loop systems will become a part in diabetes management and we believe that Kaleido can be an important part of this.”

Erik Huneker, who founded Diabeloop and works as co-CEO added: “The DBLG1 System is a true revolution. It decreases the burden of managing type 1 diabetes while lowering both time spent in hypoglycemia and the risk of complications. Combined with the size, convenience and reliability of the Kaleido pump, it will give back freedom and peace of mind to people living with type 1 diabetes.”

Diabeloop was created in 2015 and now has a team of 50 people working hard on research and product development. To find out more about ViCentra, head on over to the website at www.vicentra.com.