15 December 2020

An update about our comeback

In March, the world changed. Because of Covid-19, but also for us at ViCentra, the company behind Kaleido and for our dear Kaleido users. Ever since we’ve had to tell all our Kaleidoers to stop using their insulin pump, we’ve been working non-stop to get Kaleido back to them as soon as possible. We know it’s been hard, adjusting to a new form of insulin therapy, choosing a new pump and waiting to hear from us. But we’ve always said we’d come back. And now we can give you a bit more info on the when!

Kaleido is coming back in the second quarter of 2021!

Now, we’re sure you’re not throwing a party just yet, as a precise launch date is still a bit off. But we still want to give you some clarity into when you can expect Kaleido to come back. Our current planning is to be back around April/May 2021. We hope this assures you that we’re coming back and if you want, you can choose Kaleido again soon!

For people who are dying to become part of our Kaleido family: if you are based in the Netherlands, UK or Germany, please shoot us an email with your personal information. This way we can make sure you’re kept in the loop on all new developments. We can then also update you when Kaleido is available (again) in your clinic, as soon as that happens.

We’re currently working hard to get everything in place for our relaunch. That includes getting everything you’re used to in place, but also coming back with some digital additions – more on that in the new year! We want to wish you happy holidays in advance and as always – shoot us an email at hello@hellokaleido.com if there’s anything you’d like to chat about!

About the author

Boris Weber is ViCentra’s VP of Commercial and Country Manager for Germany. He has worked in the diabetes industry for around 20 years and joined ViCentra in the beginning of 2020 to bring Kaleido to his home market. Boris loves cooking, drinking good wine and spending time with his family, including his two dogs.